driven to distraction

Ha! After yesterday’s post describing how I can’t think of anything but my upcoming D&D game, a whole pile of exciting new things lands in my lap. Most numerous among them are the 25 design books that came in for me at the library today. Excessive, you say? Oh, certainly. But what else was I to do when faced with this towering and terribly exciting list? All pertinent in some way to my thinking about games or systems or expression, and all so varied that I couldn’t possibly pick and choose within them. So I put the whole lot on hold with my local public library, thinking that they might trickle in over the coming months. But it was not to be so! Apparently most of them were just waiting on the shelf so I’ve ended up with this considerable boon all at once. I’m determined to give them all a fair shake, but I should be able to draw upon my old academic days in weeding out some of the less interesting/relevant ones. I will almost certainly let you know how this goes.

In contrast with these numerous and questionably rewarding potentials stands a single sure bet: J asked me yesterday if I might want to run a solo D&D game for her sometime! Ha! Tremendous. We talked a little bit about the openness of possible directions, and I’m really curious to hear what sort of character she might like to play. It will likely be a very combat-light game, which makes for some very interesting possibilities: exploration? Diplomacy? Crop failure? The sky’s the limit, really, and I’m eager to write a story that she’ll enjoy. Again, updates are sure to follow.

So! Here I am with absolutely everything to be excited about and I haven’t even been considering all my other fun projects lately. How will I ever fit all this in? I think I have a plan (special kudos to Kelly McGonigal’s The Willpower Instinct for help in this).

My most productive time of day is definitely the morning. After a good breakfast, I can burn straight through for a couple of hours and not bat an eye. If I commit to devoting this to active development work on whatever project is the most pressing, one or more of them will gradually take shape. Bit by bit. Then, when I’m feeling a little more distracted in the afternoon and evening, I can fall back on these books. A particular text not doing it for me? Try one of the 24 others! Ah, but surely there will be times when my focus is too scattered and I just want to relax, right? Yes. And those are the times when I shall dream of D&D adventures yet to come, idle imaginings of possibility and creativity and expression.

Maybe it’s a little ambitious; my willpower can only take me so far. But I don’t have any really compelling non-social leisure activities right now, so maybe if I can trick my brain into enjoying some of these less technical activities, I can give it a boost midday. And maybe, if I get just the right rhythm in all of this, I can gussy up the will to hop back on my parallel bars sometime. <Boy, that’s one that’ll take a good kick to restart…>

My productivity both requires and produces motivation; with so many things I want to accomplish, I have to be sure to play this edge well, lest I end up stalled in the middle, watching my daily burst of willpower spiral slowly down the drain.


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